I’m grateful to Allah who gave me strength, courage and patience to create this blog. i also thankful to my parents for support all of things in my life and not forget for all my siblings, all my friends to keep my self standing for all kind matters.

I’m an Indonesian woman, day by day trying something better, love ice cream, pizza, pashmina, vintage things, anything with blue color, Apple, HP, Revlon. In my spare time do writing, reading, design, photography, spread positivity with words and action, helping people until the end of life.

Since 1998 I started writing poems, inspired by musician from Ireland, they have easy listening music and romantic words to hear, i called them “Blue Eyes” and trying to write short stories about my real life, you can see article or story telling :,,, etc

In this time, i would like to show you how a beautiful poems, just an ordinary poems, i try my best giving the idea of poems, beautiful Indonesia, short stories, relationship, inspiration and many more. just sharing what i see, my experiences and what a wonderful things that God give us to this world. enjoy it and please leave a comment, thank you.


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