Kesempatan Demi Kesempatan

Ada harapan di dalam kegundahan yang membelit di lautan asa

Semangatku kini tumpah meruah sampai ku tak dapat mengenggamnya

Kucoba mengambil kesempatan yang ada di depan mata

Dengan langkah pasti aku yakin aku bisa


Berbagai macam cara kutempuh

Berbagai macam usaha kuraih

Dengan hanya bermodal niat dan yakin

Diiringi doa Ibunda juga doa yang tiap saat kupanjatkan

Tatkala aku punya waktu lebih untuk-Nya


Just Remember

Every time i open my eyes

The sunshine say hello to me

Rainbow and wind feel in my arms

Even cloudy move so fast seems like dancing in the sky


Time running and running

The option in this life just two, kind or bad

Choice bad if we want to go to hell

Choice kind if we want to go to heaven


Just remember

The only thing that we can share

The sadness, the sickness, Β the loneliness

Only God will keep the secret and heal the ill of soul



No Need To Worry

Sometimes life is unpredictable

Even we searching under the world

We have an action and do the right things

Even they are not the same about perception

The kindness of our attitude can influence for the other

People, the universe, anything we could find

Don’t be so sad with our life

Give our smile and the world will smiling back at us

No need to worry about the darkness

No need to worry about bad people

No need to worry about the poor

No need to worry about the death

The kindness and the smiling can bring fortunes

Just positive thinking and look insideΒ a good friend

We have to change from bad person to better person

Deep in our heart to change it

Because of Him

With coincidence i know him

With opportunity i get him

I know my ability is limit

Limit doesn’t make me stop to do it


Day by day i can’t wait to see him

Far from here i can touch him

Touch with laughing

Touch with relationship


For long time I’ve been waiting

Meet him for the reason that i can’t explain

The sharp nose i called him

grateful i can be his friend


Because of him, my life is change

Because of him, my life likes a rainbow

Because of him, my dream cames true

Now the next my dream still waiting