Helaian Rindu

Masih ada harapan yang kian kupendam
Lama kunanti satu demi satu hampa rasa ‘kan menghilang
Janji tinggal janji
Helaian rindu ‘kan menjelma

Kasih penantian seakan sirna ditelan asa
Hadirkan buaian mata yang memandang
Desus angin melaju kencang
Kala pagi menanti hari riang

Namun tak lagi kembali seperti semula
Jiwa terus dan terus mencekam
Kuhapus luka dihati
Kujelang hari-hari esok
Sang mentari mulai menari


Dear Daddy

Since I was born in this world
I surrounded by lots of love
not only from my mother but I got from my father

I easily recognize his figure
even though the distance meters
Until I got older still have more affection
Attention not just saying hello or else
also not ask me what are you doing, babe
but also waited until late at night when I’m traveling

There’s many things i remembered about him
one of the most i catch are patience and sincere
I feel an atmosphere in my soul
that I was surrounded by these two things
and I started in depth

I realized there is so many shortcomings
has yet to make him proud
I realize I am not a clever woman
but to be a good woman and helping people i have met

Thank you, dad