Praying In The Pouring Rain

Sometimes i make some mistakes
Don’t know why that make things happen
Sometimes the condition not good to hold
Even i can’t stop to crying

Everyday is rainy day and stormy
Trees has falling down ruin the street
Flower has stop to dancing
But rainbow spread the beautiful color at least

Only praying make our heart feeling peaceful
Even the other looks so weird and worst
Just close your eyes, take your breath and surely
Everything gonna be wonderful…


Dancing In The Snow

When the weather begin cold
I put my sweater and go outside
Looking for a hot coffee and sweet bread
Relax and walking slowly

Listening to classic music
Dreaming about dancing in the snow
And singing with my soul
Someone i wanna hold for dancing and laughing

Meet two people around me
They are look so happy and grateful for their life
Life is like dancing, they are moving, sometimes fall
sometimes cold, sometimes freezes..

The Unpredictable Love

When i first met you
I don’t felt anything goes wrong
Both shy but wanted to talk
Even when we tried
We did’nt know what to say

Day by day
We spent time together
We shared, we laugh, we silent a moment
Time by time
We want a special situation
Can’t describe what a special is it

Feeling something that i can’t explain
There is unpredictable love
coming fast and sometimes gone for last
gone with stories and memories