Why Are You Still Single Or “Jomblo Akut”? Here I Give You 10 Magic Recipes To Catch A Man :)

For women who’ve long controversy it’s own level of deity. Many of my friends even asked why still alone at a time when other friends who already have a pair. Moreover, if you are that the years none would want to close to you. Even the mosquitoes ever reluctant to approach you. Have you asked yourself? Anything that’s been done so far? Perhaps the recipe below can be a lightening. (you can also read in bahasa http://rula.co.id/post/kamu-jomblo-akut-inilah-8-resep-agar-laki-laki-nempel-ke, there is over 120.000 views and more than 20.000 people shared this recipes)

1. Be friendly

To be able to make men love you, be friendly to all people is the thing that needs to be done. Especially on the man who hounded. In this way men will feel comfortable also happy if met or were therefore. But keep in mind, a friendly attitude is don’t overdo it.

2. Be Humorist

It doesn’t have to be funny like a komika or stand up comedian. So that men can love you just the same, you should not be a rigid woman and easily upset. Frequently joking and create the atmosphere became more relaxed while being with him.

3. Unlike the other

Be private unlike any other. Dig the potential in you. If necessary, you can ask to your friends anything that is unique within you

4. Honest

When we talk to the opposite sex, the important thing to do is to be honest. If in the first meeting you’ve not honestly, any man so think twice close to you again.

5. Loving little boy

From the point of view of the female, if you are fond of small children and love to play with them, it’s a sign you have a soul of motherhood. The name of the minor child usually fussy and like to ask is that right? With others you clever take on the heart, much less the next time you have a child yourself?

6. Exercise

If you like exercising, that’s a sign you are paying attention to the health of the personal self. In addition to cost effective, exercise can also make you be happy because they can release the hormone endorphin. So cheerful that emanated from your face if you routinely exercise.

7. Good at Cooking

Although now his all-round practical, there are still many men who craved the sister clever cooking. At least you can cook that is easy to be processed and practical. Yes you can cook at least 3 menu, and that’s already pretty. So if the men you like it pay a visit to your House, you’re ready with your special recipe.

8. Read books

Reading a book can add to our insight, by reading will subject you to it the more varied. Whether it’s fiction or nonfiction. Invite him to the bookstore so you can read with her.

9. Take care of Yourself

Is taking care of yourself it’s cleanliness and neatness appearance you stay awake. Not if you look unsightly tangles. No need to overdo it, however please note that make up both the appearance as well as how your wearing and most important is in accordance with your personality

10. Religious

This can be interpreted as a serious woman worship but still socializing with friends. So the point of worship well, sociality ever smooth. With so little man who will not love you.

That’s 10 simple recipes that you can practise. I experienced it. try it! Don’t forget to share your experience if you’ve lived through it.